Observing and swimming with the cetaceans, manta rays, whale sharks, turtles and many other surprises!

Many of you have probably dreamed of the Maldives, those thousands of paradisiacal islands of white sandy beaches surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs, a warm and translucent sea, idyllic and ideal for discovering the ocean’s treasures.

However, few people know that the Maldive Islands provide a unique stage for meeting the cetaceans, where it is not rare to encounter species such as bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, pilot whales, and even the biggest mammal ever to inhabit the planet: the Blue Whale. Even though here they are mostly the pygmy blue whale, they can still reach a length of twenty or so meters!! Obviously, the encounters cannot be guaranteed, especially for the whales which do not always make themselves very visible but the chances are there, more so because this site sees a low rate of activity in this type of tourism…

And that’s not all. The ocean holds other opportunities to encounter other marine giants. The whale shark, for example, the biggest fish in the world (and completely harmless), huge sea turtles, manta rays with a wingspan of up to 3 meters! Without counting all the other fish species that live in tropical seas.

The idea of this trip is therefore to approach the most majestic species of the sea, starting with the dolphins and the whales, even if it is less certain here to see as many as in other countries. This requires the freedom of moving easily on the sea, the reason we have chosen for the cruise a pretty wooden boat in local colors. This boat is nothing other than a veritable floating hotel in which the comforts are equal to a charming guesthouse with the advantage that the rooms change each day with the colors of a new lagoon.
You don’t have to know how to dive; here we have the spirit of “sea trekking”, where everyone can use the means open to them to go out and meet marine lifenature. In our case here, it can be the boat, snorkeling, free diving and, on occasion, scuba diving that will open the ocean’s doors for us.

An authentic and unique trip, combining strong sensations, meetings between enthusiasts, the sweetness of life, comfort, charm and sensitivity to takes us away from the winter cold and, for a moment, into summer.

Average % of encountering the animals: 95% Comfort level
of the accommodations: 8/10
Average % of swimming with the animals: 50% Quality
of the meals: 8/10
Conditions for encountering cetaceans: depending on sea conditions: easy or more difficult Weather during the trip: hot and sunny sometime some heavy but passing showers
Average % of good weather: 80%


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