Encounters with the animals and typical day

The itinerary is decided depending on sea conditions and the observations made at that time. Do not expect a particular itinerary, inspiration at the moment will guide the route. The objective will be to go out looking for the great creature of the sea with breaks and moments to rest and relax in calm lagoons where it possible to explore the sea bottom from the surface or by snorkeling or free-diving. Every evening, the boat will anchor in calm and sheltered lagoons. It is possible to go onto land and meet the local people.

If we encounter dolphins or whales, it is important to listen to the guide who will determine the type of behavior to adopt based on information transmitted by the animals’ attitude.

If conditions permit and according to the behavior of the species encountered, we will try to go in the water with the animals. A special briefing and an exposé on the cetaceans, notably those that we can observe locally, will be given by the guide.

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