The boat

The boat is above all local, built on the model of the famous “dhoni” and converted into a boat-hotel. Built all of wood, it measures 23m long and 7m wide. The crew includes several people who speak English plus a French-speaking monitor. It has 6 cabins, 4 with 2 single beds, 1 cabin with 2 pull-out beds and one cabin with 1 double bed for a maximum of 12 passengers.

Each cabin has a private bathroom, towels provided (but not a beach towel) as well as an air-conditioning and ventilation system. The 220v current is also available 24h/day. The boat has a desalinator so fresh water is abundant. An additional dhoni-type craft allows for approaching the cetaceans and the snorkeling excursions.

For meals, a Sri Lankan cook regales us 3 times a day with a cuisine from the sea inspired by the day’s catch and local fruits. It is forbidden to bring alcohol to the Maldives (ans “girlie” magazines as well) but it is possible to buy alcohol on board. Payment for the extras can be made in euros or dollars.

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