Dates for the Dolphin experiences


* The experiences offered here, including those with a theme, ALL share an identical element, that of meeting dolphins.

* The dates with a theme are different in that they have, in addition, a specific activity that has been specifically chosen to make the dolphin experience deeper, giving it more meaning, and are oriented for people who wish to live a more powerful inner experience… It is important that those who sign up for a theme experience abide by it and fully open themselves to it in order to maintain a good group synergy. If interested, please request the description sheet in order to be sure that it corresponds to what you are looking for.

* We have observed over the years a greater frequentation of the dolphin site, especially during the school vacations, which sometimes keeps the dolphins more distant. If you want to come across less people, opt rather for the dates outside of school vacation: the price of the flight will also be cheaper.

* The flights for Egypt being very much in demand and because we have to be a minimum of 12 to 14 people to guarantee the cruise, it is recommended sign up as early as possible! Keep in mind that registration closes in general 6 weeks before the departure date (it is still possible to see if you can sign up after)… So don’t wait too long to reserve in order to guarantee the departures! The flights to Egypt and notable to Marsa Alam are not always easy to find.

Presently Egypt is suffering from a decline in tourism due to political events. But keeping in mind that we go to a place far from the tourist crowds, the danger of terrorist attacks is very small and security problem nearly non-existent. On the contrary, the Egyptians are redoubling efforts to reassure tourists and make them want to come back… Also, there is no pirate activity in Egypt and the waters of the Egyptian Red Sea are very safe.

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