All the cruises are led by Frédéric Chotard (or a guide trained and chosen by him). Frédéric has been a specialist in encounters with the dolphins for 20 years. Free diving instructor CMAS level II and undersea photographer, he began in Florida where he co-founded the “Human Dolphin Institute”, a research center on the relation between humans and dolphins. Then, he traveled the world searching for new sites (Zanzibar, Madagascar, Belize, Brazil, Bahamas, Baja California, Canada, North Pole, Norway, Oman…) and founded in 2003 “Sea Dolphin”, an organization devoted to encounters with cetaceans in the wild. From his experiences with the dolphins, he developed another facet of free diving or snorkeling that he calls “dolphin free diving”.

In 2003, he discovered an exceptional site in the Red Sea for swimming with the wild dolphins, a site of which he has become an expert with more than 70 weeks spent there in 9 years. Moreover, he has become a practitioner of Watsu (water-shiatsu) and Wata (aquatic dance), techniques for relaxation and massages in warm waters.

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