Given that we spend nearly the entire trip on the boat, there’s no point in bringing too much for nothing. Take suitable clothing for the actual trip. Once on the boat, shoes leave the feet permanently but if you insist on clothing your feet or to protect them during a shower without damaging the boat, a pair of tongs will do (in any case, shoes are prohibited in the wardroom).
Taking into account the warm and dry weather, bring along light clothing, keeping in mind that most of the time is spent in a bathing costume. If you want to bring a nice outfit for the evening, feel free, no one will mind, but it is not really common practice… In all cases, do not forget swimsuit (at least 2), pareu or towel (in addition to the towel provided by the boat), sunglasses and sunscreens with a high sun protection factor, sunhat or cap… You can also consider a windbreaker or light pullover for evenings in April and October.

For swimming: It is advised to bring your own basic gear: flippers, mask and snorkel. Go for quality materials especially for the mask: you come to observe the wonders of the sea so don’t spoil your trip with a defective mask that lets in water! If you are not used to using flippers it is not necessary to have high-performance ones. However, do bring full-foot flippers (without adjustable straps at the back) and a pair of neoprene socks (without sole) to avoid blisters on your feet… Don’t hesitate to get a size bigger than your usual size, but try the flippers on before buying to make sure they are neither too tight nor too loose… For the snorkel, the simplest is without doubt the best (purge valves are gadgets that impair the snorkel). It is still possible to rent the gear once you are here (Flippers/mask/snorkel: 20€ per week – shorty: 20€)

If you are an experienced diver, you can bring your free-diving flippers or a monofin… If so, with more and more restrictions on carry-on baggage, find a way of protecting you flippers or monofin and have them checked in with your luggage…

In the months of April and May, the water temperature hovers around 25 to 27°C, which is not that warm when you remain for a long time in the water. During these periods, bring along a light wetsuit of the “shorty” type or even a full 3mm wetsuit (especially in April).
From July to mid-October, the water temperature is around 28-32°C allowing for long sessions in the water without a wetsuit. Finally, if you do wear a wetsuit, even a shorty, your buoyancy will be greater and you will have a harder time descending during a dive, if you did want to give it a try. So, for those who wish to introduce themselves to free diving, do not forget a lead weight belt (without the weights, we have them aboard…) that will make the dives easier…

The boat is equipped with 220V outlets for electronic apparatuses: laptops, phones, cameras and video camera, etc… don’t forget your rechargers!
On the boat the GSM network is accessible but not very good (especially at the site where the dolphins are) and only available at certain hours (usually the evening) Note: the prices are exorbitant!
To respect the famous “cocktail hour”, you can bring with you one bottle (at the airport after going through customs)… to drink in moderation.

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