Swimming with the dolphins in the Red Sea

In a lagoon of shallow turquoise water a few miles from a desert of dry mountains in the south of Egypt, several groups of long-snouted Spinner dolphins (Stenella Longirostris) regularly come together during the day to find refuge from the sometimes difficult conditions of the deeper parts of the Red Sea.

Practically the size of a human, the Spinner dolphin is less known to the general public as this species, very gregarious with a strong herd, they do not tolerate captivity well, as opposed to its cousin, the common Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiop Truncatus) more generally known under it television series name “Flipper”. But here, the dolphins are free, without any human intervention and, for once, it is the humans who go to the animal and not the animal who sacrifices its freedom, becoming a captive to satisfy the pleasure and curiosity of people.

This cruise brings together the ideal conditions for meeting wild dolphins: warm and translucent water, dolphins by the dozens and contact, sometimes very close, with them in the water that leaves in the memory of those who experience it an unforgettable impression, sometimes a once in a lifetime emotional sensation!

If a meeting in a natural setting offers absolutely incomparable authenticity, it also requires a very respectful attitude towards the species visited. So, all of our cruises are led by a specialist in encountering these dolphins who guarantees respect for the animals and their social needs and furthers the best possible encounters between people and dolphins, in all safety.

If experience has shown that it is highly unlike not to see dolphins, we cannot 100% guarantee these meetings, the dolphins’ own freedom leaves an unpredictable element in each cruise.

Usually reserved for experienced divers, this type of cruise on the Red Sea finally opens up to a wider public, non-divers looking for authenticity, and provides access to little visited sites, unspoiled, far from the crowds.

Flippers, masks and snorkels suffice for getting close to a thousand other glimmering fish and corals, turtles, Humphead wrasse, skate… kindling the most wildest of dreams!

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