Specific notes


This adventure is not a “scuba diving trip” in itself and no particular programme is organized just for this activity: encounters with the dolphins remain the priority. However, it is possible to go diving at times when the dolphins are absent or at other times of the day at the guide’s discretion. It can be practiced in all autonomy by divers at a minimum of level 2 (minimum 2 people of the same level) or accompanied by the monitor for the lower levels or the first dives. The boat is equipped with 12L aluminum bottles and lead weights. However, it is recommended to bring your own personal diving equipment: Stab jacket, diving regulator and computer, wetsuit, flippers/mask/snorkel, flashlights, belts (nonetheless it is possible to rent the gear at the site).
Don’t forget: diving log, medical certificate and diving certificates for the divers.


The adventure is open to all people over 8 years of age, in good health and without medical contraindication (in the case of doubt a non-contraindication medical certificate for the practice of sea swimming will be required) and knowing how to swim adequately! We are pretty firm about the nights being spent aboard the boat (always in a sheltered and calm lagoon) and there is no going ashore programmed during the cruise. At times, some people may choose to sleep on the bridge to admire the starts or enjoy the cooler nighttime air. It’s a beautiful experience!


For the weather, you can be 99% sure to have blue skies and a blazing sun during the trip, the yearly days of rain on the Red Sea can be counted on the fingers of one hand! So, be careful about the sun and bring imperatively sunhat or cap and sunscreen.
With that in mind, if the mildest periods are in the months of April, May and October, it can happen that the wind is stronger during these periods, while summer is hotter but less windy.


The boat always moors in calm lagoons or on sheltered reefs, so there is little chance of seasickness. The only risks are on the first and last day when we go back to the marina if there is a lot of wind… In that case, it suffices to take the suitable medicine a short while before sailing.

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