Meeting dolphins, whales and other Cetaceans is a magical experience. It leaves in the heart of those who have the chance to experience it something unforgettable that touches us so deeply. Because meeting these animals is such a rare privilege, it is primordial that the encounters be prepared with a respect founded on appropriate knowledge and an experience in the domain. That’s where Sea Dolphin comes in.
Because the encounters can go beyond the simple and already immense privilege of just seeing the wild animals, causing profound emotional impact, it is easy to understand that the “dolphin experience” requires particular guidance in order to bring out in each person the deeper, hidden meaning. That’s Sea Dolphin’s mission: touching one’s heart through these marine encounters.
The sea is a mirror that its inhabitants try to make us accept, with subtlety and wonder, and by that, diving freely and with awareness into the oceans is a fantastic lesson in living…

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