Témoignage de Marina Ruta – 27 mai 2017 « Dauphins et Rencontres du Cinquième Rêve » avec Patrice Van Eersel

Mon cher Fred,

J’ai eu en peu le blues en rentrant à Genève mais j’ai bien intégré l’effet dauphin dont tu nous parles. Beaucoup de meditation et j’ai vraiment senti au fond de moi le message du Fred-shaman que tu nous a communiqué sans mots pendant ce voyage. Être libre de tout jugement, être libre de sentir, être libre d’exprimer…sans attente de l’autre, en reception et communion, sans arrière-plan…même sans plan du tout. Juste dans le moment present. Pour tout cela je te remercie, pour l’accompagnement qui vient de ton coeur.
J’ai écrit un texte en anglais pour mes amis, pour que il puissent apprécier juste un bout de la joie qui m’habite depuis ce voyage.

A bientôt dans le bleu!


Encounter with the dolphins.

Words are not enough, I am going to close my eyes and remember simple images of kindness, acceptance, peace and playfulness, curiosity, exchange…love.
In the eye of a dolphin I found the sentence « I love you », and I whispers to him « I love you » feeling my body warm and fulfilled in that sentence. Dolphins, more than humans, are mirrors…reflecting emotions and images hidden in in our minds.

Dolphins truly accepted us. They show us their games, they surround us, they scan us and they invite us… and I dance with them, both with those more active and with those more peaceful. I don’t chase them, so they slow down at my pace, they wait for me. I just slip into the water, thinking about their circular trajectories. Twisting spires in synchronicity. I spot two mothers with their babies swimming under their protection, in sheer synchronicity. Then I twirl and their white bellies are over me, so close that they could brush against my skin. I swim through their breath transformed into bubbles…they tickle me, like a blessed threshold. I want to remember those curious dolphins, that boaster showing us how to make love at large…joyfully and gracefully. Sometimes I see their shadows and silhouettes into the blue even if they are not there. Sometimes I hear them whistle, then I know they are there even if I cannot see them. I let the dolphins teach me their games and I ring-around-the-rosey with them until I laugh and cry, eye in the eye. Today finally free in the ocean, in communion and acceptance. Then the dolphins speed away into the blue, chasing and loving each other.

I feel « absolute » love…or maybe the right word is « complete » love. All the rest is transient, but in love we can stop for a moment, slow down and « conspire ».
One fine day Fred teaches me how to swim in synchronicity hand-in-hand. Close your eyes, stay the course and dolphins will magically appears like in a dream…do not chase that dream but just be, be there, be your dream. Dolphins follow me when I twirl towards the surface, like a dancing dervish, like a blossoming rose. From the silence of the ocean to the singing wind on the surface and to the sound of my deep breathing. O life, o love, o light! Love for love. And the silence of the ocean at last, and my body dissolving into the sea.

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